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Lovly art house in the town

Rebecca P. / United Kingdom

close enough to the city centre to walk to but just far enough away to be calming, and near enough angkor watt to cycle comfortably (well maybe not on their free bikes!! but they are free after all!). willing to help in any way, airport pick up, info on local attractions, bus bookings and take away breakfast early morning. myself and travelling companion (in her late 50s) both enjoyed and would stay again.  


Solo traveler / okayama, Japan

スタッフはとても笑顔で親切でした、し 日本語が使えるので、とても安心出来ました。 また 利用したいと思います。


タケオGHのすぐ近くにあります。 シェムリアップの安宿と言われる値段とほぼ同料金でこのクオ リティ(写真参照)は夢のようでした。 自転車が三台置いてあり無料なので気軽に遺跡めぐりすること ができましたし、Staff 日本語ペラペラなので日本語対応、チ ケットやトゥクトゥク手配も安心でした。楽しかったー!


以前シェムリアップに行った友人にこちらを紹介してもらい宿 泊しました。2階の部屋に泊まったのですが木がたくさん使わ れたカンボジアらしい部屋でゆっくり過ごすことができました 。スタッフはみんな優しく、日本語ができるスタッフもいて、 大変お世話になりました。滞在費用を少しでも抑えたい方はも ちろん、静かなホテルがいい、英語がちょっと苦手という方に もおすすめです!!

Welcome To TheCity Garden Villa & Restaurant SiemReap Angkor Cambodia

The City Garden Villa and Restaurant  is the Siem Reap Best Rate Accommodation Relaxing Environment with Private Tropical Garden, Full Services, Central Location, Interior Wooden Design, Volunteer Home Stay Programs, In Rooms Free Wi-Fi internet, 24h Receptionist, Our conveniently located on main Road Number 6 in the heart of Siem Reap Quiet place With Next Door Swimming Pool Just (2USD) for whole day Free 1drink, (1O minuts by Walk) to the Bank and ATM machine, We are (15 minutes by tuk tuk) from the fantastic Angkor Wat temple complex and (10 minutes by tuk tuk) from the famous Old Market, Night Market and Siem Reaps’s renowned Pub Street, Old French Quarter, Near by is the Star-mart Connvenience store which is open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week , Extra shopping Lucky Mall ( 5 minutes walk ) and go downtown in 10-15 min, But everything you need is at Walking distance from the Hotel, Night Market ,Restaurants and pubs, taxis, coffee shops, massage, karaoke dinner, etc.... Also there is a tour reservation agency, restaurant and laundry service in our hotel, There are several golf courses not far from the hotel about 30 min with car or taxi, No problem for parking if you have a bike or a car, there is a free parking with security 24hours 7days, Fitness center not far from the hotel about 15 min with car or taxi, All of the top tourist attractions of siem reap are within easy to reach,

Interior of Building and Rooms With Special Design By using traditional Khmer-Decorated Local Beautiful Wood Comfortable and Clean, You will be safe and satisfied during your stay with us and all our rooms have combination safes for your valuables, The rooms is a fresh , Stylish Bedandbreakfast offer comfortable accommodation, quality service and friendly atmosphere, Our individually themed rooms have been decorated using of warm colours, providing guest with a peaceful, relaxing environment after a long day of sightseeing,The restaurant Cafe have additional sofa-bed eay for families or group, The rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and cable TV, Continental breakfast, in rooms Safety Box, Security Camera Video, Free hight Speed internet access is also available for guests in rooms and lobby area , Smoking area is available,

We offer Free Pick up service and Other complimentary service : Bicycle, Refill mineral water, Pool table... Inrooms massage 20% OFF are available, The cafe restaurant provide all-day dinning for guest conviniece , Guest can use laundry and dry cleaning services, Other facilities including car , bike , tuk tuk rentals  as well as tours & Tickets arrangements , Rich in History of Angkor and Steeped in our mystique Garden Resort, Came and Stay with Us with the Best Rate Accommodation, Next Door (2USD) Swimming Pool (Whole day-Free 1drink), Interior Wooden Design Khmer Original Art House, Coconuts Palm Trees, Banana and Green Bamboo Garden with Khmer Foods,.. Restaurant,..    

NGO  ボランテアホームステイ, 世界遺産遺跡 パッケーツアー, スタディツアー研究会, 日本語学校の見学、孤児院見学、 旅行会社など,. 日本語遺跡案内ガイド、 バス、 トゥクトゥク、タクシー 、航空券などのチケット手配も日本語で対応可能でございます。空港・国境からお越しの際に困る事などがございましたら電話またはメールにてご連絡ください, 日本語対応可,  女性一人でも安心してご宿泊頂けます, 受付24時間無料送迎, 部屋内マッサージ 20% OFF, 一緒にチェーン, 旅行会社など始めたい方募集中!


Garden view at cafe restaurant           


The project to support the orphanages and Villagers 


The victims of the child and the poverty of their families,Those who don't have the abilities and skills to find employment , unable to get a job, take this opportunities for the poor in Cambodia, to provide a means to an income for families and in doing so, a measure of stability, A stable income means that a child can go to school, free from the danger of being sold into prostitution,Form now and so on You can see the first step of lives of Cambodian people was In the suffering civil war during the pot-pot regime make people lose everything home town, School Education,1979 took around 3years 8 month 20 days more than 3 millions was killed and starvation in census of Cambodian Government which left country quietly and broken. Presestdays Cambodian government is trying to improve shcool Education and human resource, But there are so many children specially at countryside isolated village can not afford go to school Because of poverty of their families , Parents did not get enough education or Handicap by landmine,Offer country side local children that can not afford the Education school fees and getting life better with the opportunity of a free education Volunteers : Assist the local teaching staff and teach English or Japanese, Teach sports, arts, fun activities, pronaciation in English accent, also locally agricuture grown in family, Orphanages : Help community center-project supports three orphanages that provide a safe home for children as well as supporting the poorer children in the local village community, The children live in ''family'' groups of five or more. They live in individual houses with a stable carer, while they attend school and receive agricultural and vocational training, An emphasis is put on teaching traditional Khmer dance, music and handicraft arts, which were repressed during the Khmer Rouge regime, The children, some of whom are HIV, also receive regular health checks from the Angkor Children's hospital, Relationships with friends and relatives are nurtured by regular trips for the children to their home villages,


Villager Children Visit Primary School at Village Visit NGO Activities

The city Homestay brings international visitors, Our objective is to encourage cultural exchange by providing the first worldwide homestay, Visitors of foreign countries can stay with a local host, and take the opportunity to learn about the local daily life of their travel destination, Furthermore, both sides can improve their foreign language skills, This makes a homestay the best choice for students living abroad and culturally inspired travellers, Homestays are also an excellent option during popular events such as concerts, trade fairs or championships when hotels are extremely expensive, THE CITY is the local family run hostel which gives the visitors the opportunity to book their homestay directly, welcomes all different nations to use its platform. We are always looking for teachers for languages in which the city is presently not available. Guest themselves to many places around the world and always enjoyed staying at host families and learning about the local culture, Do you have a planning on going abroad and wish to stay at the home of a local host , Great because The city is one of the best ways to show you how to learn more about the culture of your travel destination, Here you find hostel and families who accommodate travelers just like you,



Package tours, angkor temple tours,Eco-tours,city tours


PACKAGE TOURSMost of people the main and aim attraction when you travel to Siem Reap is the temples of the Angkor temple complex. It not a temple many ruin that still remain in the ground and jungle but anyway We believe these temples at lease take 3day to aweek to spend around siemreap Angkor temples area . However, not only the temples still have ther things to see and do in and around Siem Reap and many package tours and activities you can enjoy during you stay . Anyway We hope this page will gonna be good information and some ideas of what is available in Siem Reap,During your trip in siemreap why not take your oppurntunity to explore real tranditional khmer life , food , costom , performance,Let Check out the Siem Reap city and Angkor packages tours we currently have on offer,







早朝 アンコール・ワットの朝日鑑賞へご案内
午前 アンコール・トム、タ・プロームへご案内
昼食 カンボジア料理
午後 アンコール・ワットへご案内
夕刻 アンコール・ワット外濠より夕日観賞
夕食 アプサラ舞踊ディナーショー


午前 クバル・スピアンへご案内
昼食 お弁当
午後 バンテアイ・スレイ、オールドマーケットへご案内
夕食 カンボジア風中華


前 トンレサップ湖ミニクルーズへご案内
昼食 カンボジア鍋
午後 アンコール遺跡群小回りコースへご案内


午前 ベンメリア遺跡へご案内

昼食 カンボジア風中華
午後 アンコール遺跡群小回りコースへご案内
koker templesBengmelea temples


► プレアヴィヒア世界遺産遺跡 :13人まで 乗り車:170USD 
► プレアヴィヒア世界遺産遺跡 : 4人まで 乗り車:150USD 
► コーケ遺跡 + ベンメリア遺跡 :13人まで乗り車 :150USD
► ベンメリア遺跡 :13人まで乗り車 :120USD










SBAL SHOW : 12 USD 一人様からでもOK





NGO ボランティアホームステイ / カンボジア人と生活してみませんか。

政府の調査によると1979年、3年8ヶ月20日の年月をかけて300万人以上の人が虐殺や餓死により死にました。あらかじめ政府は学校教育と人材資源の育成を試みてはいましたが、たくさんの子供(特に田舎に住む子供たち)は、家庭が貧困なため、または親が十分な教育を受けていない、地雷によるハンディキャップをかかえているなどの理由で学校に通うことを許されませんでした。学費が払えず学校に通えない子供たちに、無料で学ぶ機会を与えることでよりよい生活を享受してもらいたいのです。具体的には、①現地での教育の手伝い。②孤児院でのお手伝い。日本語や英語の語学・スポーツ・芸術を教えたり農業を手伝います。3つの孤児院に安全な家を提供し、田舎の村の貧しい子供たちを支援します。子供たちは約5つのグループに分かれ家族のように暮らしています。学校に行ったり、農業・職業訓練を受ける一方で世話をしてくれる人とともに各々の家で暮らします。そして、伝統的なクメールの踊り・音楽・芸術・を習います。子供たちの中にはHIVに感染している子もいます。その子たちには病院で定期的に健康診断を受けれるようにします。子供たちのために定期的に村を訪れることで友達または家族のような関係が築けるでしょう。THE CITY ホームステイの目的は海外の方々にホームステイをしてもらうなかで異文化交流を奨励することです。海外からの訪れた方にはその土地のホストファミリーと暮らすなかでそこでの日常生活がどのようなものなのか体験していただくことができます。さらに双方にとって他言語のスキルを向上させる機会になります。これは海外で学ぶ学生や、現地の雰囲気を気に入った旅人にとっては最高の経験になるかと思います。通常のホテルでは高価になりがちなコンサートやスポーツなどのような素晴らしいものもホームステイで経験できてしまうのです。THE CITYは現地のカンボジア人が経営してるがゆえに、ボランティアホームステイの予約を面倒な手続きなしに直接予約可能です。どの国の方でも参加できます。我々はそういった農村で英語を子供たちに教えてくれる方を心待ちにしております。訪問客の方ご自身でホストファミリーとの生活、現地の生活を楽しんでいただけます。海外で、一味違った体験をお望みの方には素晴らしいプランかと思います。


          ► 日本語ガイド:40USD

THE CITY Garden Villa Address : National main road N#.6 ,  665-Group 7- Salakangseng, Svaydankom - Siemreap - Cambodia, ( Close to  Sokha angkor hotel, Close to Star mart, Next to Banteay srey restaurant & Beauty salloon  ) SEE ON MAP 


 All right reserved by THE CITY™ 


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日本語ガイド / 日本語・クメール語・通訳手配



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アンコールワット世界遺産 BY バイヨン旅



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